The Google Docs Song

Use this song to quickly learn to use Google Docs. Singing the words and following the steps will help teachers and students drill their Doc skills.

I created this song/video to help folks familiarize themselves with this Google tool so they can create a doc, add some extras and collaborate with others. If you like this video, you are welcome to share it with others to help them practice.

Can you guess what tune I used? 

It can be a challenge to get students to complete a writing assignment let alone asking them to add embellishments. One of the main reasons is because they do not feel comfortable with the technology we are asking them to use. We have all tried to explain these tools only to find that some of our student have completely tuned us out. Well, putting the directions into a song and making a challenge out of it can prove to be very effective.

Tie this Song into an Assignment

  • Teach students the words (repetition).
  • See who can sing/say the words from memory.
  • See if students can complete all of the steps before the song is over.
  • Have students time themselves and see if they can beat their record of doing the steps.
  • Incorporate the steps into an AVID One-pager or another writing assignment.

If you decide to use this song as a tool in your classroom, I would love to hear how it went. Please leave a comment below and share your experience.

Thank you for reading today,


Published by DeniseCastro

I am an Elementary Music Teacher who loves to support other teachers in using Technology and Performing Arts to enhance student learning.

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