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Coping with Resource Overload

I don’t know about you, but I have really been feeling the pressure to reach out and get all of the resources I can to make distance learning meaningful and engaging for my students. My efforts have not been in vain. I am subscribed to several groups, organizations and mailing lists that have generously shared…

How to Get Motivated… and THEN be Productive

Have you ever laid in bed thinking of all the things you need to do but find yourself getting piled under all of the “I should” and “I have to” thoughts? Or have you been on the other side where you have tons of energy but can’t focus or get inspired? In this article, I’m…

Top 10 YouTube Videos for Christmas Sing-and-Move-Alongs

During the week leading up to winter vacation, I like to host a Sing/Move Along session for students to celebrate the holidays. I allow song selections to be student-led so I can ensure that the culture of each child is represented in a safe and healthy manner. I usually announce the activity the week before…

The 10 best songs for Boosting Confidence

Everyone needs a little boost of confidence every now and then. When I have mornings where I don’t feel like leaving my bed, I grab my headphones and play one of these songs. After a few minutes of breathing in these powerful lyrics, I hop right up and get on my way.   Many times, our lack…


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Hi, I’m Denise. I am an elementary music teacher who has been teaching in both the private and public sectors for six years. I am very passionate about K-6 curriculum.


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