Top 10 YouTube Videos for Christmas Sing-and-Move-Alongs

During the week leading up to winter vacation, I like to host a Sing/Move Along session for students to celebrate the holidays. I allow song selections to be student-led so I can ensure that the culture of each child is represented in a safe and healthy manner. I usually announce the activity the week beforeContinue reading “Top 10 YouTube Videos for Christmas Sing-and-Move-Alongs”

The 10 best songs for Boosting Confidence

Everyone needs a little boost of confidence every now and then. When I have mornings where I don’t feel like leaving my bed, I grab my headphones and play one of these songs. After a few minutes of breathing in these powerful lyrics, I hop right up and get on my way.   Many times, our lackContinue reading “The 10 best songs for Boosting Confidence”