Top 10 YouTube Videos for Christmas Sing-and-Move-Alongs

During the week leading up to winter vacation, I like to host a Sing/Move Along session for students to celebrate the holidays. I allow song selections to be student-led so I can ensure that the culture of each child is represented in a safe and healthy manner. I usually announce the activity the week before so students can have time to talk to friends and family about their selection. This activity allows students to meet the New Arts Standard MU:Pr4.1.4 because they are being taken through the process of explaining how a selection of music is influenced by personal interest, knowledge, context and technical skill. Once the session begins, each student gets a chance to submit their request and the magic begins! 

Today, I have compiled a list of the most requested songs and videos from my students. As you may know, it takes a little digging and preparing to find holiday songs that are skill-appropriate, scaffolded and cater to diverse learning styles. In addition to this, there are many styles and visuals to choose from. To save you some time and digging, I would like to pass this list along. 

A wonderful gift you can give to students is to create a Youtube Playlist with the songs they love to sing in class so they can pull it up over the break. They can practice their skills and also use it to share many special moments with their families. *Note: Youtube for Kids does not allow us to make playlists so you may not be able to add some of the videos. However, you can also share a doc with your students that holds these links.

Sing Along

See the Youtube Playlist

  1. Mi Burrito Sabanero
  2. 12 days of Christmas –
  3. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
  4. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  5. Feliz Navidad-

Play Alongs

These are interactive videos that help students learn/practice reading music in a fun and engaging way. They also help students become more comfortable moving and singing on beat. 

  1. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
  2. Reindeer Rhythms with Santa
  3. Jingle Bells Rhythm Practice
  4. Sleigh Ride Body Percussion
  5. A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

What songs and videos do your students request during winter sing-alongs? I know every school has a different demographic and that greatly influences student selections. I am always excited to add more songs to my playlist and repertoire, so if you are able, please share:)

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I am an Elementary Music Teacher who loves to support other teachers in using Technology and Performing Arts to enhance student learning.

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